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Mere christianity was published in 1952 and is an expansion of some of c. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Lewiss forceful and accessible doctrine of christian belief. He also wrote some delightful books for children and some science fiction, besides many works of literary criticism. Considered a classic of christian apologetics, the transcripts of the broadcasts originally appeared in print as three separate pamphlets. Terms in this set 26 2 main ideas of book 2 a christian is free to believe that other religions contain some truth an atheist has to believe that all religions are completely wrong. Overview of mere christianity counselcare connection. Lewis, the most important writer of the 20th century, explores the common ground upon which all of those of christian faith stand together. The rival conceptions of god the first big division within humanity is between the majority, who believe in some kind of god or gods, and the minority who do not. Amongst other things, lewis covers the reality of moral law, human sinfulness, the nature and work of christ, christian ethics, and the doctrine of the. Jun 23, 2012 in book 2, lewis explained the core beliefs of mere christianity. Lewiss mere christianity, book 2 chapter 5 summary.

Im even more a cs lewis fan now with greater admiration. His simple yet deeply profound classic, originally delivered as a series of radio broadcasts, is a book to be thoroughly digested by believers and generously shared with skeptics. C s lewis audio book mere christianity book 4 beyond personalty chapter 6 two notes. Mere christianity discussion questions preface where does the title come from. Mere christianity is one of the worlds most widely read books on the subject of christianity. Nov 09, 2012 1943 england, when all hope was threatened by the inhumanity of war, c. Mere christianity book i summary july 2, 2017 pilgrim leave a comment you can look at my more detailed notes, but this is an overview of the content of book i of mere christianity. Jesus christ, lewis begins, was a new kind of man, who introduced a new way of life to the world. Lewis argues for the existence of god, and then proceeds to outline what he believes are the fundamental tenants of christianity. The case for christianity broadcast talks in the uk 1942, christian.

Mere christianity paperback deckle edge, april 21, 2015. In the first part of the book, lewis discusses the law of human nature. Or first steps in the doctrine of the trinity chapter 1 summary. Lewiss legendary broadcast talks of the war years, talks in which he set out simply to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all christians at all times. The booklet serves as an answer guide to mere christianity bible study. Lewiss mere christianity, book 2 chapter 2 summary.

Lewis argues for the logical validity of christianity, defends the religion from its critics, and looks in detail at what the life of a christian is like. Paperback with french f laps and deckled page edges. What christians believe the rival conceptions of god summary. The practical conclusion lewis talks about the new life that jesus is offering to each one of us. The notes have been summarized so that a group or discussion leader can lead one chapter per meeting, or the chapters can be grouped together to cover multiple chapters per meeting. Book 1 1 there has been a great deal of soft soap talked about god for the last hundred years. It contains a very good explanation of predestination that i found helpful when i was a new christian.

In fact twelve chapters of the book are devoted to exploring christian behavior. Mere christianity is a revised and enlarged edition of the three books produced from c. Mere christianity book 2 chapter 5 summary course hero. Check out our revolutionary sidebyside summary and. We recommend using the odd numbered chapters at the ends of books 2, 3, and 4 as time to wrap up and talk about all the things c. Whether they admit it or not, all men recognize it, and even appeal to it. The perfect penitent lewis believes that the man he has been referring to was obviously not a lunatic or fiend, which leads to the conclusion that he wasis god. His works are known to millions of people all over the world in. Letters to malcolm, are only a few of his bestselling works. It has not got two kinds of notes on it, the right notes and the wrong ones. Christians will gain new insights as to why they believe nonchristians will find a brilliant exposition. This book mere christianity published in 1953 was based on the transcript of the bbc radio broadcast that lewis gave at oxford during world war ii 19411944. The essentials of christianity are presented in an enlightening, easytograsp narrative. You can look at my more detailed notes, but this is an overview of the content of book ii of mere christianity chapter 1 rival conceptions of god quotations truth in other religions.

Lewiss most wellknown apologetics, one must understand his audience. It consists of four books which originated as broadcast talks for the bbc during world war ii. Lewis was invited to give a series of radio lectures addressing the central issues of christianity. Another overly simplistic worldview is the worldview that claims, god is good, and ignores the. Here i offer a sample of lewis wisdom, but i must emphasize that every page made me think and clarified my understanding of gods design.

Making a lucid case for faith, this beautiful keepsake edition of lewiss classic addresses the meaning of the universe, christian beliefs and behaviors, and the doctrine of the trinity. What he did was that he gave man the opportunity to become his sons. What is the first big division of humanity that lewis makes. Audio book mere christianity book 2 chapter 2 the invasion c. I have been asked to tell you what christians believe, and i am going to begin by telling you one thing that christians do not need to believe. Check out our revolutionary sidebyside summary and analysis. Mere christianity book ii summary restless pilgrim. Problem of pain, the screwtape letters, mere christianity, the four loves and the posthumous prayer. Lewis, best known for his chronicles of narnia series, had been raised as a christian but grew disillusioned with the faith and turned to atheism at age 15. Lewis radio broadcasts in england during world war ii. He can, however, understand why people who have felt god do not see the need for. Making and begetting readers want practical religion rather than theology, but lewis believes that readers are intelligent enough to deal with the latter. When studying human history, he claims, one is struck by how similar different. Some may talk about moral ideals rather than moral rules, but the term ideals is problematic, as people have.

These notes were contributed by members of the gradesaver community. The law of human nature what are the two basic concepts of chapter one. But many people today are reluctant to read this magnificent classic. That jesus, being god and therefore perfectly good and just, expects us to be morally good. It is meant to be used to study mere christianity at the rate of about 2 chapters per week. Learn mere christianity with free interactive flashcards.

Lewiss broadcast radio talks in the bbc around the time of the war years. Lewiss forceful and accesible doctrine of christian belief. Audio book mere christianity book 2 chapter 1 the rival conceptions of god c. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Chapter 6 two notes c s lewis mere christianity book 4 beyond. Most groups will choose to cover the entire book in. Lewis book mere christianity cs lewis study series by steven urban jun 3, 2014 4. Lewis, one of the greatest writers of his time, is a lifechanging introduction to the christian faith ever written. Jun 26, 2015 mere christianity, book four, chapter 7.

If you are christian you do not have to believe that all the other religions are simply wrong all through. Apr 21, 2015 mere christianity is a foundational book for any christian wanting to defend the faith. According to lewis, what do christians not need to believe about other religions. One of the most popular introductions to christian faith ever written, mere christianity has sold millions of copies worldwide. Lewis 18981963 and, although i liked a grief observed more, i also liked this one. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then published as three separate books the case for. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Mere christianity book 2 chapter 2 summary course hero. The hall way is mere basic christian beliefs and the rooms are. The next division is between the types of god people believe in. They say that christ is the son of god whatever that means.

Litcharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in mere christianity, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Mere christianity book 2 chapter 1 summary course hero. Mere christianity book 1 chapter 4 summary course hero. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then published as three seperate books the case for christianity, christian behavior and beyond personality mere christianity brings together what lewis sees as the fundamental truths of the religion. Right and wrong as a clue to the meaning of the universe chapter 1. Also i understand even better what it means to be a christian.

Mere christianity is a superb if slightly dated book, and remains essential reading for anyone exploring the basics of christianity. Nov 18, 2005 mere christianity part 2 philippians 2. Mere christianity leaders notes these pages are a summary of c. Some objections is the moral law social convention or instinct. It is a bit hard to understand, being written by a professor. Both christian and nonchristians benefit from reading this book. Find a summary of this and each chapter of mere christianity. Mere christianity provides an articulate expression of the intelligent case for christianity, but retains the conversational style from the original radio talks on which it is based. It is the view i call christianity andwater, the view which simply says there is a good god in heaven and everything is all rightleaving out all the difficult and terrible doctrines about sin and hell and the devil, and the. Chapter 2 the invasion book 2 c s lewis mere christianity. What, in your opinion, is lewis offering us in mere christianity. Mere christianity flashcards and study sets quizlet. Lewis has shown that atheism is too simple to be true.

Chapter 6 two notes c s lewis mere christianity book 4. It was a hit because at that point, lewis had already published a number of fiction and nonfiction books including out of the silent planet 1938, the problem of pain 1940 and the. The case for christianity, christian behaviour, and beyond personality. But make sure to buy a properly produced book rather than this shameful product of the computer age. Lewis signature classics kindle edition by lewis, c. Lewis, adapted from a series of bbc radio talks made between 1941 and 1944, while lewis was at oxford during the second world war. Lewis focuses on the core issues of orthodox christianity without getting into some of the controversial and divisive issues that exist between traditions. It is not the same as the laws of physics or chemistry. Another overly simplistic worldview is the worldview that claims, god is good, and ignores the existence of sin, hell, and the devil. Lewis book mere christianity is important not only because of the way it articulates what christians believe and why but how we are to behave and why.

God had made man in a way that they were so sinful that they need to redeem themselves but god will reward them for their deed with eternal life. Two notes lewis clarifies two points from the previous chapter. Choose from 418 different sets of mere christianity flashcards on quizlet. In book 2, lewis explained the core beliefs of mere christianity. That there is one god, who is a mind, and who is distinct from his creation, the universe and all life in it. Mere christianity study guide 2 book i1 david grice 852011 book i. Lewis mere christianity, macmillan publishing company, ny, ny, isbn 0020869401, by tim chambers, 021996. The mere christianity community note includes chapterbychapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. The three parts of morality people often see morality as bothersome and something that interferes with their life. Mere christianity mere christianity a book written by c. The new, christian way of life is spread and perpetuated in three different ways. Lewiss mere christianity, book 1 chapter 4 summary.

The work is a compilation of talks on christian philosophy that lewis gave to. The key point christians focus upon is his death and rebirth. The law of human nature what is the difference between quarrelling and fighting. And i will tell you another view that is also too simple. That his creation was good from the beginning but that it was perverted or corrupted by an invasion of. However, as he notes in this book, he found himself asking various questions that led him back to christianity. Lewis believes that the man he has been referring to was obviously not a lunatic or fiend, which leads to the conclusion that he wasis god. Its not a very long book 175 pages, but its a book just the same. In early 2000, mere christianity was named by christianity today as the most influential christian book of the twentieth century. However if you take your time it will be well worth it. Lewis this study guide consists of approximately 49 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of mere christianity. This talk became chapter 2 of book 2, in the book called mere christianity. Chapter 1 the rival conceptions of god book 2 c s lewis.

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