Introducing the atem software control panel

Atem minis compact all in one design includes both a control panel as well as. The front panel controls on atem television studio hd feature 8 large illuminated. Atem software control provides a professional me workflow control panel with parameter adjustments in simple to use palettes. The controller offer both ease of operation and multifunctionality with the user friendly buttons. Akvis smartmask is an selection tool that saves you time and is fun to use. Introducing low cost, multi camera, live production with advanced broadcast.

Each camera controller includes a large lcd screen with soft buttons and knobs and a full set of professional controls for live camera adjustments, so you get a very clear indication of camera parameters. Atem production switcher includes beautifully designed control panel software. It features separate pages that make it easy to find the controls you need for each of the switchers major functions such as control, audio, cameras, macros, media and deck control. E201 control panel for atem series of switchers youtube. Blackmagic atem television studio pro hd manual viking stage. How to connect atem control software to the blackmagic. In this first of three parts we look at the 4k switchers from blackmagic design the atem production studio 4k and the atem 1 me production studio 4k. A look at the software control panel and the multiview interface of the new blackmagic design atem 1 production switcher. Atem software control features a visual switcher user interface with parameter palettes for making quick adjustments. I can see the sound coming thru, but i cant here it on my headphone or the laptop speaker. Started introducing atem the atem 1 me production switcher is a. You can manage the switcher media pool and set all adjustments, and switcher control includes full keyboard shortcuts.

Part 1 introduction and the software control panel 110. I tried everything, but i can only see the sound on the meter, but cant monitor it. When im on the audio tab of the atem software control panel. You can switch video sources live, load the media pool with graphics, use transitions and keys, change switcher settings and mix audio. Atem mini can be operated from the front panel, or you can control it using the included free atem software control for mac or windows. The atem switcher includes a software control panel which. Blackmagic design atem mini pro hdmi live stream switcher. New 2019 blackmagic design atem television studio hd livestream setup in new flight case duration. Go beyond software control by adding an atem camera control panel to control all 4 cameras connected to your atem mini. Try free download manager fdm alternative software. The atem software control gives you even more control and creative options. Operate all switcher features directly from the front panel. The atem switcher includes a software control panel which you can run on.

Only atem lets you start at a lower cost because youre not forced to buy a hardware control panel. There are palettes in atem software control for streaming setup and status, plus. Atem software control features an interface thats been specifically designed for speed and accuracy. Download atem software control by blackmagic design. Watch this video to get a short introduction of the e201 control panel series for atem series of switchers. The atem software control app unlocks the hidden power of atem mini and allows access to every feature in the switcher. The atem hardware control panels are the fastest, most professional way to control a switcher during live production. Blackmagic design introduces atem 4 me broadcast studio 4k. Blackmagic design atem 1 broadcast panel 3d broadcast. Studiotech blackmagic design atem 1 part 2 youtube. We are proud to present the atem ccu that let you take full camera control in a sweet looking hardware panel. The atem switcher includes a software control panel which you can run on your computer or you can purchase. The atem switcher includes a software control panel which you can run. The front panel controls on atem television studio hd feature 8 large illuminated buttons for switching, along.

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