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We suggest printing out the yoruba exercise book and working through the exercises with a pencil or a pen. Grab this free goto guide of awesome provider resources. Some of the more popular dishes include moin moin, akara, amala, plantains, ekuru, jollof rice and cassava. Understanding yoruba art and aesthetics amherst college. This free yoruba course material was created by the fsi to give their foreign service teams quick and effective language training in regions where the yoruba language is spoken. Because of migration and the slave trade to the americas in the mid18th century, there are yoruba communities throughout the western world, especially in the caribbean, south america and north america. Over several centuries, this process of adaptation meant that the nigerianii yoruba practices were modified to resemble other african tribal customs and religions.

We made using the fsi yoruba intermediate course material easier to use and more effective. Yoruba ye mi was initially sponsored by university of texas at austin college of liberal arts instructional technology services. Having a few child care provider resources in your pocket can be your best friend. Ede yoruba is a language spoken in west africa and most prominently. A manual for the yoruba religion efuntade, anthony canty on. Apart from referring to the aggregate of dialects, the term yoruba is used for the standard form of the language the variety learnt at school and spoken by newsreaders on the radio. Trotman, david vincent 1976 the yoruba and orisha worship in trinidad and. Remarkably the afe nife re that emerged in 1993 was significantly different. The handbook of yoruba religious concepts karade, baba ifa on. The seven african powers of creation note that orulaorunmila is included in this particular picture religion. Yoruba ye mi open textbook library center for open education. Catholic cults of the virgin mary, in yoruba oya, mother of nine, is the. You can now read the ebook in the pane on the left, listen to the audio pane to the right and practice your pronunciation use on the pronunciation tool tab on right all at the same time the fsi yoruba intermediate course material can be used both as a selfguided course or with the. The yoruba constitute between 30 and 50 million individuals1 throughout west africa and are found predominantly in nigeria and make up around 21% of its population.

Understanding the contemporary caribbean lynne rienner. Amulets, live or dead animals or animal parts, birds, or insects. It includes yoruba audio lessons and associated text documents for a complete beginners yoruba course. The yoruba religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practice of. This free app is able to translate words and texts from english to yoruba, and from yoruba to english. The intimate study of these devotees lives contributes new understandings about the challenges of religious diversity within contemporary urban settings. The oduduwa myth and the farce of yoruba unity brunel.

It contains effective techniques for teaching and learning yoruba including tones, and is user friendly in its approach. Yet the syncretism between the yoruban religion that the slaves brought to the island and the catholicism of their masters is, in my opinion, the underpinning of cuban culture. This tradition originates among the yoruba people of west africa, in the area of presentday. The yoruba ye mi textbook, combined with an open access, multimedia website at. In other words, a continuum of the traditional and modern aspects of the yoruba culture provides a true picture of this concept. The majority of the yoruba speak the yoruba language yoruba. With the mass exit from cuba after the 1959 communist revolution, this faith in orishas was exported to puerto rico,iii panama, venezuela, mexico, and the dominican. The slave ship manuelita and the story of a yoruba. Topics yoruba language collection opensource language english. The traditional yoruba area, yorubaland, comprises the southwestern portion of nigeria and the republics of benin and togo. Yoruba edition of wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yoruba andabo is a cuban rumba ensemble founded in 1981 by conga drummer pancho quinto. More than 41 pages of exercises in yoruba to help you learn the key words and phrases in the language. Voodoo, hoodoo and slave magic by stephen ashley, city of 201 gods. The beliefs and rituals of a growing religion in america, 2004, isbn.

Eshu is the messenger god, acting as a link between humans and the. Archive the black roots of salsa please enjoy this rare recording of yourba andabo and their great voices. This is a religion that can be traced back to africa and due to the atlantic slave trade, the orishas are also relevant in latin america. Yoruba cuisine has strongly influenced the food of nigeria, particularly in restaurants in the south of the country. One can find clear elements of yoruba culture today in cuba and brazil. They were not allowed to practice their religion, play on their drums, which was integral to their worship. Yoruba english dictionary online translation, language, grammar, literature. Prayers to the orishas introduction who owns your head.

All there is the common believe that yoruba people are of the same or common ancestral descent. Names are extremely important to yoruba people, and they believe that. The yoruba pantheon consists of hundreds of gods, worshipped for an immense variety of purposes, each representative of some natural element or human emotion. The yoruba people iv page ife and thus became the first oba meaning king or ruler in the yoruba language of who today are known as the yoruba people. Free englishyoruba dictionary and translator freelang. The indigenous people of oduduwa are yoruba speaking. African aris sa quarterly journal devoted to the pias. The oduduwa nation spreads from lagos in the westend, to jebba in the north central and warri itsekiri in the southsouth. Everyone has heard of the greek gods, zeus, aphrodite, poseidon, and others, but there is also the yoruba orishas. Learn yoruba with an exercise book download for free. Oduduwa between 1100 ad and 1700 ad, the yoruba kingdom of ife experienced a golden age, the oba or ruler of ife is referred to as the ooni of ife.

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