Are they making a legend of zelda movie

After the team experimented with porting the original the legend of zelda to the game boy color, they decided to make an original trilogy to be called the triforce series. The gameplay incorporates actionadventure and elements of action rpg games. Every single one of the legend of zelda games would make an incredible movie interested peter jackson. I know that australia also sells the tp game, they must have been good for a few copies sold also now dont they. A legend of zelda tv series may be in the works, but what would it need to do the franchise justice. Are they making a sequel to legend of the guardians answers. A release on streaming website netflix is one alternative, were told, though with marios upcoming 2022 movie already targeting a cinematic release, this outcome. Other if they make a legend of zelda movieseries i want. Neat references to the legend of zelda and the legend of zelda ii in terms of sounds, monsters, how battles go down, etc. Netflix may be making a liveaction legend of zelda show with nintendo. Im sorry, but link should have been featured prominently. I get that they thought leaving him as a sort of mystery would be good in this. In january 2010, the creators of the film confirmed that they will not work for their next project on a film adaptation of the video game.

That said, filsaime also said nintendo is currently focusing all its efforts on the metroid movie. A highprofile fantasy movie like the legend of zelda must have a topshelf musical score. It was released in japan and north america in november 1998, and in pal regions the following month. I think ocarina of time would be a good place to start, because it has such a linear story well, all zelda games do, to an extent and a good one to boot.

Shortly after that joke is when i heard the will not be making a zelda movie. The same reason why there is no metroid movie and castlevania, pikmin, etc, because video game movies, like all other movies, can be risky investments if they are out of the norm. If they made a legend of zelda movie, who would play link. Breath of the wild remains to be one of the most successful legend of zelda titles ever produced, while also being a contender for one of the best games nintendo has ever made inseries or out, and video game fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in link and zeldas dizzying journeys through different. Then, nearly four years later, after fans had been clamoring for a the legend of zelda majoras mask remake, nintendo dropped the bomb and announced they were finally going the distance to. The company has been pressured on several occasions to make a legend of zelda movie just like there will be a warcraft movie. Breath of the wild is one of the most wellreceived entries in the legend of zelda series.

By its very nature it is a cyclical story, so you can tell an original story so long as it includes all of the elements that we would expect a good zelda game to have in it. Originally posted by whitewolfgurl zelda would be an awesome movie, but only if done right. Legend author marie lu on film adaptation, new book series. Take a look behind the scenes into the making of links openair adventure as. While many people, companies, and potentially employees of ninten. The legend of zelda netflix tv series release date and. It has the right elements of fantasy to be turned into a. Is nintendo making a legend of zelda movie answers. Netflix and nintendo are developing a liveaction legend of zelda tv series. Breath of the wild video story and characters duration. Uncharted makes no sense because the games were just knockoffs for indiana jones anyway, but zelda doesnt have much story and very little voice acting and a lot of fans dont want it either. As awesome as that would be, i dont see them ever making a zelda movie.

And now, with over 34 years of expansive world building, dynamic characters, and thrilling adventures. As a huge zelda fan, i tend to agree a very beautifully animated movie miyazaki, or style of gotham knight where they maybe also incorporate some of the art styles theyve been inspired by in the games, notably wind waker, skyward sword and breath of the wild could be awesome, leaning towards the more impressionistic pointillism and fantastic art style. So, they went back to the drawing board, eventually deciding to. Irene waites in the legend of zelda oblivion rising 2016 the legend of zelda oblivion rising. Would a legend of zelda movie or netflix tv show work. Presumably lessons from the mario movie and the old zelda show will. I think the idea of a zelda movie is a great idea and yes, bmb finishes did make a movie. The legend of zelda is a 2017 fantasy film based on the legend of zelda series. Tim burton does the legend of zeldatheres a thought.

Can the legend of zelda become a liveaction series. Netflix may be making a liveaction legend of zelda show with. The legend of zelda franchise is a bottomless pit of theories. They never got rights to the legend of zelda trademarked and. A liveaction movie of legend of zelda entitled legend of zelda. But in a movie you can have it and it makes sense, so everyone gets what they want. According to the wall street journal, theyre referring to the show as a game of. They see it as a more family friendly version of game of thrones.

If someone does plan on making a movie of it, they should ask zelda fans opinions that way they would get a good idea of what the audience wants. Legend of zelda trailer teases ocarina of time liveaction short film. With symbolism up the wazoo, three separate timelines, and reincarnation playing big parts in the series lore, fans are able to speak endlessly of their varying perspectives and ideas on the land of hyrule. Ocarina of time is an actionadventure game developed and published by nintendo for the nintendo 64. The most famous zelda movie rumor was the fake liveaction trailer.

And for being a low budget independent film, it worked out quite well, however for a big production hollywood movie, id say the best person to play link would. My personal favorite game for a movie is ocarina of time. Something tells me it would most closely resemble twilight princess smile. The legend of zelda movie, playstation games on pc.

Liveaction the legend of zelda movie reportedly in development. The legend of zelda is an actionadventure video game franchise created by japanese game designers shigeru miyamoto and takashi tezuka. Thats one of the things preventing any studio from trying to bring the legend of zelda to the big screen. Netflix developing liveaction legend of zelda tv series. If they made a legend of zelda movie, what game in the series would you want it to be based off. They should try to capture the zelda feel that there was in the games. If hollywood makes a legend of zelda movie who would you want cast as some of the characters and which era would you wamt them to make it of. Is it just me or does the world really only excist of europe, japan and north america. When nintendo said last year that they were going to be a little more. First and foremost, it would have to be more than one movie, as a zelda plot cant be summed up into 2 hours. If you like the video, please leave a like and subscribe. Are they really making a legend of zelda movie or was that. Miyamoto once said that he did see the movie but did not state whether it inspired him to create zelda. Zelda is being considered as a following project, with the possibility of another mario movie.

Netflix may be making a liveaction legend of zelda show. Are they making a second movie for legend of the guardians. An epic battle ensues as they try to prevent the murderous demon from reaching their village. The film is liveaction, starring josh hutcherson, elle fanning, gary oldman and ewan mcgregor. The film is produced by nintendo studios, original film and distributed by universal studios. According to the wall street journal, netflix is partnering with nintendo to make a new original, liveaction series out of the legend of zelda. Id want the guy playing lex luthor in batman vs superman to be link, not sure about the other characters i would want it. A vid showing the makingshooting of the legend of zelda movie trailer if you havent seen it heres the link com watch. The legend of zelda is probably the best video game suited for a movie adaptation. The legend of zelda movie, playstation games on pc, and ori and the will of the wisps. It is primarily developed and published by nintendo, although some portable installments and rereleases have been outsourced to capcom, vanpool, and grezzo. Theres not a studio in all of hollywood that wants to be the one to produce a craptacular zelda film. Legend of zelda trailer teases ocarina of time liveaction.

Is nintendo going all out with the rumored zelda remake. However, there was an april fools day joke played by ign that advertised a zelda movie, but no official announcements have been made. The legend of zelda is one of those games, of course, that is so garlanded its sometimes hard to see clearly pioneering in many respects, an instant classic, and the instigator of one of. Links awakening switch remake, and they are overwhelmingly positive, making the game a mustown. The making of the legend of zelda movie trailer youtube. After thirty years and fifteen highly popular games, its a wonder that the legend of zelda hasnt already been adapted into a liveaction movie or tv series.

However, this is not really a problem because the strength of the legend of zelda series is that it is a story that is told and retold time and again. However, the company has refused on several occasions, but this series could begin a new standard. If theyve said yes to netflix on a new zelda series, theyll want to make sure that its done properly. However, there is the possibility the movie may have had an influence in later zelda games, most notedly the legend of zelda ii. Join link and princess zelda as they fight monsters and strive to defeat the wicked ganon to save their peaceful kingdom. Other if they make a legend of zelda movieseries i want them to cast zelda williams as princess zelda discussion many people here know that robin williams named his daughter zelda after our legendary princess, because he and his wife were fans of the game series. If they were making a zelda movie the legend of zelda. Im going to try and search for it, but i remember when i was a kid and used to watch these mario dvds in my moms headrest tv in the car, i saw a trailer to a zelda. New legend of zelda game coming sooner than expected. One cruel fan compiled his vision of a zelda movie into a trailer for youtube as an april fools joke. How i would make a legend of zelda movie cato the blogger. When the password system linking the three games proved too troublesome, the concept was reduced to two games at miyamotos suggestion. Though there were whispers of netflix developing a liveaction series a few years ago, there has still been no official announcement that the legend of zelda is going into production.

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